Therapy Tips

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Before You Arrive

Plan to arrive 5-minutes before your scheduled appointment. Late arrival may result in a reduced treatment session as there is no guarantee additional time is available at the end of your scheduled appointment.

Bring physicians prescription/referral if applicable. A prescription/referral is NOT required for myofascial release treatment. A prescription may be needed if you intend to submit paid receipts to your insurance company, HSA, or company flexible spending account. See specific information in the Frequently Asked Questions if you are seeking internal treatment of the pelvic floor as part of your treatment session.

Avoid wearing oils or lotion. Oil and lotion may limit the ability for your therapist to sustain myofascial stretching techniques and holds.

We highly recommend bringing a bottle of water to drink during your ride home following treatment.

Bring appropriate clothing to your treatment session. Myofascial Release is a skin to skin technique, not a skin to clothing technique. The clothing you choose to wear should be flexible enough for your therapist to move or work underneath to access parts of the body. Visibility is important as the body provides visual cues that identify restrictions that will need attention. Restrictive clothing or street clothes that cover up the body should be avoided as they may interfere with the ability to treat you effectively. The following clothing options are recommended as they allow for the greatest visibility and access for treatment:

  • A 2-piece bathing suit
  • Loose fitting shorts with elastic waistband
  • Undergarments
  • Sports bra or tank top
What to Expect During Your Therapy Session
After Treatment