“Break Free From Your Pain”

For faster, longer-lasting results, the comprehensive accelerated pain relief
programs are highly recommended.

Accelerated Break Free From Your Pain Program:  Before Pictures 10/05/15

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Accelerated Break Free From Your Pain Program:  After Pictures 10/07/15

Program Offerings at Energy Works Myofascial Release:

  • Signature Pain Relief Program:  Break Free From Your Pain

The “Break Free From Your Pain” programs are clinically comprehensive programs focused on results and designed to give you faster and longer-lasting relief.  There are three levels within the program established to address variable levels of accelerated healing and relief from pain and dysfunction.

Your health history, complexity, level of pain and dysfunction, goals and desired speed of healing will determine the recommended course of treatment.

  • Premium Individual Treatment Sessions
  • Wellness Consultation
  • MFR Spirit Club
  • We Give Back Sponsorship

This is a staggered program where the patient is seen for (6) 90 minute appointments over approximately a two-week period.

  • Comprehensive Assessment & Treatment Session
  • 5 additional 90-minute sessions within 2 weeks (when possible)
  • Pre/Post Height
  • Pre/Post Weight (optional)
  • Pre/Post Postural Prints
  • Self-Treatment Ball
  • Self-Treatment Instruction