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Does Pain Control Your Life? Do Any of These Apply to You?

Myofascial Release is Effective in Treating Many Common And Complex Problems.  Let Myofascial Release Help You Return To The Activities You Love.

This is a list of common problems associated with the upper, mid, and lower back.

This is not an all inclusive list:


Low Back Pain                                       Sciatica

Bulged or Herniated Disc                    Spondylosis

Post-Surgical Back Pain                       Back Strain2014-11-06 23.46.50

Pinched Nerve                                        Tight and Stiff

Knots in Shoulders and Back              Sway Back (Lordosis)

Hump Back (Kyphosis)                        Sports Injury

Surgical Scars Restriction                    Scoliosis

Hypersensitivity                                     Tight Rib Cage

3d rendered illustration - pain neckThis is a list of common problems associated with the head and neck.

This is not an all inclusive list:


Headaches                                              Migraines

Neck Pain                                               Difficulty Swallowing

TMJ Problems                                        Ear Pain

Ringing in Ears (Tinnitis)                    Pinched Nerve

Popping and Clicking of Jaw              Tight Shoulders

Limited Ability to Turn the Head or Neck

This is a list of common problems associated with the upper and lower extremeties and joints, including hands, feet, arms, legs, knees, hips, ankles, etc.

This is not an all inclusive list:


Tendonitis                                               Bursitis

Tight Hamstrings                                   Sports Injury

Carpal Tunnel                                         Shoulder PainSkeleton of the man with the backbone - pain shoulder

Hip Pain                                                   Contractures

Limping                                                    Frozen Shoulder

Arthritis                                                    Sciatica

Knee Pain                                                 Plantar Fascitis

Tight Quads                                             IT Band Soreness

Hypersensitive or Tight Adductors (Inner Thigh)

Decreased Flexibility                            Decreased Range of Motion

Tennis Elbow                                          Sore Wrists
This is a list of common problems associated with decreased mobility, restricted movement, or loss of flexibility.

This is not an all inclusive list:


Surgical Scars                                        Frozen Shoulder

Pain While Walking                              Sports Injurypainful hip joint

Contractures                                           Limping

Limited Ability to Turn or Tilt Head

Limited Torso Rotation                        Shortened Stride

Restricted Flexion or Extension         Stiff Gait

Limited Ability to Expand Rib Cage

This is a list of common problems associated with the bladder, bowel, male and female anatomy, pelvic floor pain or dysfunction.  Symptoms can result from physical or emotional trauma.

This is not an all inclusive list:


Incontinence                                          Pelvic Pain/Dysfunction

C-Section Scars                                      Hysterectomy Scars2014-11-07 21.45.27

Painful Intercourse                               Sexual Trauma

Groin Pain                                              Painful Coccyx (tail-bone)

History of Broken Tail-Bone              Painful Episiotomy Scars

Hypersensitivity                                    Constipation

This is a list of common problems and symptoms associated with the joints causing pain or altered mobility.

This is not an all inclusive list:


Tendonitis                                               Surgical Scars

Bursitis                                                    Sports Injury2014-11-06 23.38.11

Carpal Tunnel                                        Shoulder Pain

TMJ Problems                                       Hip Pain

Contractures                                          Limping

Frozen Shoulder                                   Sciatica

Knee Pain                                              Arthritis

Repetitive Injuries

This is a list of non-specific issues or problems that can impact the entire body.

This is not an all inclusive list:


Abdominal Scar Tissue                        Chronic Fatigue Syndrome                   skeleton

Fibromyalgia                                         Repetitive Injuries

Sports Injury                                         Stress

Decreased Flexibility                          Emotional Restrictions

Whiplash                                               Automobile Accident Pain

Arms or Legs Fall Asleep                   Stiffness

Breast Pain                                           Hypersensitivity